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Many agencies employ non-licensed paraprofessionals under their supervision to conduct home studies. Although this meets the state's minimum standards it does not guarantee a thoughtful and comprehensive final report. On the other hand, when you hire a professional, licensed, and educated Social Worker, a more full-scale home study assessment is able to be conducted properly.


Please contact me via email or phone so I can assess your individual needs. I typically will receive the court orders from your attorney via email and then I will be in contact with you.


There is not a clear cut answer for this question; however, I will always prioritize you and your family situation. A lot of this depends on your responsiveness and how quickly you get required paperwork to me. Also, it depends on how long background checks take. 

Typically, a child custody evaluation is 4-6 months. It could be longer. This takes longer due to the intensiveness of the evaluation and how thorough the evaluation is. 

An adoption evaluation is typically 2-4 months. It could take longer, once again, depending on how quickly you get paperwork back to me. 

Getting Started with LCSW Supervision

What to expect

Typically when an LMSW is under supervision, they will meet with their supervisor around 4 hours a month. In my program, I offer virtual group sessions and an in person group session. You can live anywhere in the state of Texas and participate in supervision. Typically, most participate in the virtual group sessions because of their ease and convenience. My virtual group session will be held Tuesdays every month from 6 pm to 8 pm. 

You must meet with your supervisor for 100 total hours in no less than 24 months. There is currently no limit to how long you can be in supervision. During supervision, you must be employed and work at least 30 hours per week to be eligible to complete the supervision process around 24 months. You will need to have 4 hours of clinical work per week. Before you can sit and apply for the licensing exam you need a total of at least 3,000 total working hours, which is approximately 1.5 years

How do I know if my job qualifies as a clinical social work position?

The board has determined that if you assess, diagnose, and treat mental health or substance abuse issues using DSM-V criteria for at least four hours per week, you are eligible for LCSW supervision. Don’t concern yourself too much about making a formal diagnosis. Often, it is the psychiatrists, physicians, or independently licensed mental health professionals who diagnose clients or patients. You fulfill this requirement when working with clients or patients if you are using a diagnostic skill set and/or screening tools.

What is a typical group like?

Members of the group usually share work-related ethical cases or dilemmas, receiving feedback from both myself and fellow members. Additionally, we review the Code of Ethics, delve into the intricacies of the DSM-V, various therapeutic approaches, medications, and test taking strategies for effective reasoning in preparation for the LCSW exam. As a social worker, my passion lies in fostering the professional growth of my supervisees, ensuring they not only evolve as clinicians but also successfully navigate the exam. Recognizing the significance of micro issues in our clients' lives, we emphasize incorporating macro and mezzo considerations into our clinical discussions.

Getting started


Upon choosing to undergo LCSW supervision, we'll finalize a social work supervision agreement and establish the clinical supervision plan. I'll also request you to include me in an email notifying your work supervision about the commencement of LCSW supervision under my guidance. Notably, as of February 9, 2021, there is no longer a requirement to submit paperwork to the board when initiating supervision.

To participate in my program I charge $40 an hour, whether it is in person or virtual. Attending a 2-hour supervision session each month allows you to complete the supervision in 24 months. A few employers will reimburse you for your supervision costs, so make sure you check! 

While my primary mode of supervision is in a group format, I will arrange individual sessions with you as mandated by the board or as requested. 

If you haven't done so already, kindly send me an email expressing your interest in supervision.


Consider organizing a binder or computer folder specifically for your supervision documents. While there haven't been reports of the board auditing supervision information, it's prudent for both of us to maintain meticulous records.

You will need to complete certain paperwork and return it via email. I'll provide you with a comprehensive PDF containing state forms and my supervision agreement. Since your supervision will be external to your job, kindly include me in an email to your boss, notifying them of your initiation into LCSW supervision. I'll furnish you with an example of the email language along with the other necessary paperwork.

Finding a Therapist 
Finding a therapist is like finding a good relationship

Finding a good therapist is like finding a good relationship. It is no one’s fault if it is not the right fit. It can be difficult to find the right therapist but it is worth it when you find the one that works best for you. 


Maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed and frustrated by the entire process. Once you find a provider who will take your insurance or has matching availability, the thought of finding someone else can be immense. The relationship you have with your therapist can make or break your progress. Here are some things to remember when selecting a therapist:

Finding a Therapist.png

Didn’t find the answers to your questions? Reach out and I’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.

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