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You’re already walking down the path of wellness. You’re here, reading this, which means you have intentionally taken the necessary steps toward prioritizing your health of both mind and body. 

It’s a cliché, but it’s grounded in truth: There is so much more that unites us as humans than that which divides us. We all have a deep-rooted need for communal support. We all feel physically better when our minds are in good shape, and we all could benefit from a less cluttered routine.


I’m thrilled that we get to explore these topics together. I’m here not to teach you, but to learn with you, as we navigate life’s seasons. This is a safe space. Let’s throw all stigmas out the window as we work to increase our wellness of body and spirit.

Psychotherapy Session
Individual Therapy

My specialties include grief, depression, anxiety, foster care/adoption, suicidal thoughts, LGBTQ+, divorce, parenting, faith journeys, coping skills, stress, anger management. I work with teens and adults in helping them work through and manage their symptoms to create a strong and stable foundation for a better future through a holistic approach.


I do not accept any insurance. My cash price per visit is $85. 

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